Nano Coating

Our nano coating is quickly becoming one of our clients favorite coatings we provide here in New England. Our nano coating technology is taking off with its durable nature and proven ecological impact.

Nano Coating

First used on the NASA space shuttles, the nano technology found in our nano coating is proven to decrease energy costs and provides our clients with a time-tested spray that works inside and out.

NASA space shuttles
Non-Slip MicroCork Magic

Here are some of the benefits of using nano coating on your property.


Our nano coating provides a waterproof coating that can handle wind, rain, sleet and snow. So, whether
we are installing on a south-facing wall or one that meets the Atlantic, our coating will protect against the


Unlike other coatings on the market, our nano coating does not trap moisture; our state-of-the-art formula
allows vapor to move through the coating, which helps prevent mold and other moisture-related issues.

Nano Coating is Antimicrobial

Nano Coating is Antimicrobial

Making it perfect for medical and food handling buildings

10-year warranty

We put our coatings to the test and offer our clients a 10-year warranty which is unheard of in the thermal coating world.

Low maintenance

One of the best features of our nano coating is the worry-free maintenance that comes with it once it is applied. With our coating, dirt and dust are repelled, which creates a self-cleaning shield on your walls, only requiring an occasional spray down instead of elbow grease.

10-year warranty

Noise reduction

Our nano coating does more than keep the weather out; it provides clients with a significant reduction in noise transmission. This includes both radiant noises from the outside environment and impact noise.

Allergy safe

If you are sensitive to chemicals or other sprays, our nano coating is the one for you. Our coating does not release any chemical substances and has a low VOC to ensure that you will have little to no reaction even on the day we spray.

Noise reduction

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100% Renewable

Noice Reduction

Low CO2 Emission

Breathable to prevent mold

Up to 35% Cost Savings

Low Maintenance and self cleaning

100% Waterproof

10-Year Warranty, built to last