Thermal Coatings

State-of-the-art coatings that are not only eco-friendly but effective!

Our eco-friendly coatings are designed to protect your property or your investment for years to come, no matter the surface.

See firsthand how our cork coatings beat the heat! On the left, our Revecork coating has been applied, and on the right, the slate has been left blank.


100% Renewable

Noice Reduction

Low CO2 Emission

Breathable to prevent mold

Up to 35% Cost Savings

Low Maintenance and self cleaning

100% Waterproof

10-Year Warranty, built to last



The local experts in thermal coatings

As the leading thermal insulating coating company in the region, our team is proud to work with our community of applicators to provide a range of thermal coating products for homes and businesses. Our cork coating is known for its outstanding thermal and noise reduction properties and will ensure that your home enjoys a  truly waterproof coating inside or out. In comparison, our nano coating is state-of-the-art and combines the power of nanotechnology and liquid ceramic beads to provide an insulating and breathable shield around your home.

Flawless, Flexible Uses
Floor Coating

Cork Coating

Our state-of-the-art cork coating is ideal for all climates and they provides thermal and acoustic insulation that is hard to beat.

Nano Coating

Nano Coating

Our nano-coating is a thermal insulating and breathable shield for your property, whether you're looking for an interior finish or an exterior finish.

Floor Coating

Floor Coating

Our floor coating which is made from microcork, is designed to provide superior acoustic insulation while withstanding even the busiest of homes.

Save the planet

Save the planet

Our coatings will lower your cooling and heating costs, while providing a beautiful seamless finish. These coatings easily resist the salt, saltpeter, and humidity in coastal regions, thus improving the value and durability of your building. Commercial and multi-family buildings get the most advantages due to the ROI of our products.

It is estimated that these coatings improve the carbon footprint by 8500kg and 3750kg per 10,000 sq.ft for commercial and residential buildings respectively.









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Service Area

Service Area

We are a proud New England company, so much we put it in our name! For our team, we focus on providing our service throughout the New England area, including Massachusetts, Rhode IslandNew Hampshire, Maine and Vermont

So, whether you are in Boston, Providence or even Manchester, the Thermal Coatings of NE team has you covered.

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Whether you are new to thermal coating or have some questions, our team can help. We provide all our clients information and can answer any questions you may have about our products. Whether you are looking for cork coating, nano coating or floor coating, our team can show you the benefits of each and find a solution that works for you and your property. So, call us today, and see how a Thermal Coatings of NE coating can help save you money and maintain your fantastic property.