Floor Coating

Our floor coating is quickly becoming a popular way to boost acoustic insulation and provide a nonslip, durable floor coat that will last for years. For the team at Thermal Coatings of NE, our floor coating is made from sustainable cork, known for its thermal and acoustic insulating properties.

We are proud to carry ET Thermal Coatings cork floor coating, and whether you are looking to spray a
new floor or an existing floor, our team can help. This floor coating is meant for multi-use and is
genuinely long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Non-Slip MicroCork Magic

Our MicroCork coating provides a non-slip surface, making it the perfect solution for offices, gyms, pools, and more! Made from cork, our floor coating is environmentally friendly, offers thermal and acoustic insulation, and provides a seamless finish that’s resistant to algae, fungi, mold, and bacteria. With an elasticity of 500%, our MicroCork coating both repairs and prevents future cracking. Designed to withstand all elements, MicroCork is your solution to a long-lasting, eco-friendly, and multi-use floor coating.

Non-Slip MicroCork Magic
Flawless, Flexible Uses

Flawless, Flexible Uses

Transform your floor with our proprietary coating that'll look great for many years to come!

Ideal for both exterior and interior application, MicroCork is the only coating on the market that protects against saltpetre, making it extremely beneficial in coastal environments that experience sea breezes (or for protection in saltwater pools!).

And because only the bark of the cork tree is used to manufacture our coating, it’s a 100% renewable and eco-responsible resource. Plus, cork reduces CO2 emissions in the air!

MicroCork is competitively priced and can be used in a wide range of other applications, including roofs and exterior or interior walls.

More importantly, it can also help reduce energy costs by up to 20%. So you can save money while getting a floor that looks brand new!

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100% Renewable

Noice Reduction

Low CO2 Emission

Breathable to prevent mold

Up to 35% Cost Savings

Low Maintenance and self cleaning

100% Waterproof

10-Year Warranty, built to last